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Sen. Hawley Drops a Bomb on Horowitz: 'The Collusion Here Was Between the DNC and the FBI'

Sen.Josh Hawley (R-Mo.)

By Megan Fox December 11, 2019

On Wednesday during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) dropped a bomb about FBI interference in the 2016 election while questioning Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz about his report regarding misconduct in the espionage operation against the Trump campaign in 2016.

"Is it worse to have a foreign government trying to meddle in our elections, or is it worse to have our own government meddling in the election?" asked Hawley. Referring to the report, Hawley continued: "It shows that our government, the most powerful law enforcement agency in the nation, the FBI, effectively meddled in an ongoing presidential campaign."

Hawley then called out the Democratic National Committee for instigating the whole mess.

"The DNC pays for the Steele dossier, solicits the Steele dossier, and then gets the Federal Bureau of Investigation to go get FISA warrants, surveil an American citizen, and surveil a presidential campaign all on the basis of this manufactured garbage that they paid for. I mean that's extraordinary," he complained. "That has got to be the first time in history. In fact, let me just ask you, Mr. Horowitz, are you aware ever of another presidential campaign being targeted by the FBI like the Trump campaign was?"

Horowitz had to answer in the negative and also confirmed what we all knew was the case: that the DNC did pay for the Steele dossier that has been proven to be false and defamatory nonsense that was used to justify the spying.

"To me, this is the untold story of the 2016 campaign," continued Hawley. "I don't know who at the DNC hatched this, but I suppose they ought to take a victory lap, but certainly they should be remembered for it; to get the FBI to pursue surveillance of a rival presidential campaign and then into the newly elected president's term I think is just extraordinary."

Hawley then grilled Horowitz about why the criminals at the FBI involved in this are still employed. No one knows. Hawley closed with this bombshell: "I think the collusion here was between the DNC and the FBI."


Watch Senator Hawley's full exchange with Michael Horowitz:

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